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Abawi, Atia ~ The Secret Sky: A Novel of Forbidden Love in Afghanistan 

Acosta, Marta ~ Dark Companion

Ruthless by Carolyn Lee Adams

Ahdieh, Renee ~ The Wrath and the Dawn

Albee, Sarah ~ Poop Happened

Alender, Katie ~ Bad Girls Don't Die

Alender, Katie ~ From Bad to Cursed

Alender, Katie ~ As Dead as it Gets

Armstrong, D.C. ~ Gods With Fangs

Argyle, Michelle Davidson ~ The Breakaway

Ashton, Brodi ~ Everneath


Bachmann, Stefan ~ A Drop of Night

Bakker, Robert T. ~ Raptor Red

Bardugo, Leigh~ Shadow and Bone

Bardugo, Leigh ~ Six of Crows

Barnes, Jennifer Lynn ~ Raised By Wolves

Barnes, Jennifer Lynn ~ Trial By Fire

Barnes, Jennifer Lynn ~ Taken By Storm

Bass, Ron ~ Lucid

Beaudoin, Sean ~ The Infects

Bergin, Virginia ~ H2O

Berry, Julie ~ All the Truth that's in Me

Beyer, Kat ~ The Demon Catchers of Milan

Bilen, Tracy ~ What She Left Behind

Blake, Kendare ~ Anna Dressed in Blood

Blake, Kendare ~ Girl of Nightmares

Blount, Patty ~ Send

Brooks, Kevin ~ The Bunker Diary

Brown, Dan ~ Inferno

Brennan, Sarah Rees ~ Unspoken


Campbell, Jamie ~ Fairy Tales Retold

Carriger, Gail ~ Etiquette and Espionage

Carriger, Gail ~ Curtsies & Conspiracies

Carriger, Gail ~ Soulless

Carson, Rae ~ Walk on Earth a Stranger

Childs, Tera Lynn ~ Sweet Venom

Childs, Tera Lynn ~ Sweet Shadows

Christopher, Lucy ~ Stolen: A Letter to My Captor

Clark, Kristin Elizabeth ~ Freakboy

Clare, Cassandra ~ Clockwork Angel

Colbert, Brandy ~ Pointe

Collins, Suzanne ~ The Hunger Games

Collins, Suzanne ~ Catching Fire

Collins, Suzanne ~ Mockingjay

Collomore, Anna ~ The Ruining

Conifer, Dave ~ Ebully

Conner, D.E.L. ~ The Conceling

Cooney, Caroline B. ~ Mercy

Cornwall, Emma ~ Incarnation

Creagh, Kelly ~ Nevermore

Creagh, Kelly ~ Enshadowed

Crichton, Michael ~ Jurassic Park

Cross, Sarah~ Kill Me Softly

Cross, Willow ~ Birthright

Cummings, Priscilla ~ What Mr. Mattero Did


Davis, Heather ~ Never Cry Werewolf

Davis, Lane ~ I Swear

Dawson, James ~ Say Her Name

Dennard, Susan ~ Something Strange and Deadly

Dessen, Sarah ~ Just Listen

Deveraux, Jude ~ A Knight in Shining Armor

Dillon, Doug ~ Sliding Beneath the Surface

Dokey, Cameron ~ The World Above

Dokey, Cameron ~ Belle


Echols, Jennifer ~ Going Too Far

Eshbaugh, Julie ~ Ivory and Bone

Etienne, Sara Wilson ~ Harbinger


Fahy, Thomas ~ The Unspoken

Fama, Elizabeth ~ Monstrous Beauty

Fitzpatrick, Becca ~ Hush Hush


Garcia, Kami ~ Beautiful Creatures

Garvey, Amy ~ Glass Hearts

Gaughen, A.C. ~ Scarlet

George, Jessica Day ~ Princess of the Silver Woods

Giles, Gail ~ What Happened to Cass McBride?

Graber, Janet ~ The White Witch

Grace, Amanda ~ The Truth About You and Me

Grace, Amanda ~ But I Love Him

Gratton, Tessa ~ The Lost Sun

Green, Lisa Gail ~ The Binding Stone

Green, Risa ~ Projection


Haddix, Margaret Peterson ~ Don't You Dare Read This, Mrs. Dunphrey

Hahn, Mary Downing ~ Look for Me by Moonlight

Hall, Teri ~ Away

Hamilton, Alwyn ~ Rebel of the Sands

Harrington, Hannah ~ Speechless

Hartman, Rachel ~ Seraphina

Haskell, Merrie ~ The Princess Curse

Hodge, Rosamund ~ Cruel Beauty

Hodge, Rosamund ~ Crimson Bound

Hoffman, Alice ~ Incantation

Holder, Nancy ~ Unleashed

Holder, Nancy ~ The Rose Bride

Hooper, Mary ~ Megan

Hooper, Mary ~ Megan 2

Hooper, Megan ~ Megan 3

Hopkins, Karen Ann ~ Temptation

Houck, Colleen ~ Tiger's Curse

Houck, Colleen ~ Tiger's Quest

Houck, Colleen ~ Tigers Voyage

Houck, Colleen ~ Tiger's Destiny

Houck, Colleen ~ Tiger's Promise

Howard, A.G. ~ Splintered

Hurley, Tonya ~ The Blessed


Ireland, Justina ~ Promise of Shadows


Jace, Cameron ~ The Grimm Prequel Series

Jinks, Catherine ~ The Reformed Vampire Support Group

Johnson, Christine (Edited by) ~ Grim

Johnson, Maureen ~ The Name of the Star

Johnson, Maureen ~ The Madness Underneath

Jay, Stacey ~ Juliet Immortal

Jay, Stacey ~ Romeo Redeemed


Kade, Stacey ~ The Ghost and the Goth

Kagawa, Julie ~ Dawn of Eden

Kagawa, Julie ~ The Immortal Rules

Kagawa, Julie ~ The Eternity Cure

Kagawa, Julie ~ The Forever Song

Kagawa, Julie ~ The Iron King

Kagawa, Julie ~ The Iron Daughter

Kaslik, Ibi ~ Skinny

Kate, Lauren ~ Fallen

Kate, Lauren ~ Torment

Kate, Lauren ~ Passion

Kate, Lauren ~ Fallen in Love

Kate, Lauren ~ Rapture

Kaufman, Amie and Kristoff, Jay ~ Illuminae

Keaton, Kelly ~ Darkness Becomes Her

Keaton, Kelly ~ The Wicked Within

Kelly, Jourdyn ~ Destined to Kill

Kephart, Beth~ You Are My Only

Kirkman, Robert ~ The Walking Dead Compendium One

Kody Keplinger ~ The D.U.F.F: Designated Ugly Fat Friend

Keplinger, Kody ~ Lying Out Loud

Khoury, Jessica ~ Origin


LaFevers, Robin (R.L.) ~ Grave Mercy

LaFevers, Robin (R.L) ~ Dark Triumph

LaFevers, Robin ~ Mortal Heart

Larbalestier, Justine ~ My Sister Rosa

Lasky, Kathryn ~ Beyond the Burning Time

Larsson, Steig ~ The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Laurens, Jennifer ~ A Season of Eden

Leaver, Trisha ~ Sweet Madness

Levenkron, Steven ~ The Luckiest Girl in the World

Littman, Sarah Darer ~ Want to go Private?

Lu, Marie ~ Legend

Lu, Marie ~ The Young Elites

Lu, Marie ~ The Rose Society

Lynch, Chris ~ Inexcusable

Lynn, Tracy ~ Snow


Maberry, Jonathan ~ Rot and Ruin

Maciel, Amanda ~ Tease

Mathieu, Jennifer ~ The Truth About Alice

McKay, Kirsty ~ Undead

McKay, Kirsty ~ Unfed

McQuein, Josin L. ~ Premeditated

Meaney, Flynn ~ Bloodthirsty

Meyer, Kai ~ Arcadia Awakens

Meyer, Stephenie ~ Twilight

Meyer, Carolyn ~ Beauty's Daughter

Miranda, Megan ~ Hysteria

Mitchell, Saundra ~ The Vespertine

Monahan, Hillary ~ Mary: The Summoning

Monahan, Hillary ~ Mary: Unleashed


Napoli, Donna Jo ~ Sirena

Napoli, Donna Jo ~ Spinners

Napoli, Donna Jo ~ Zel

Nestler, Sarah ~ How to be a Goddess

Nijkamp, Marieke ~ This is Where it Ends

Noel, Alyson ~ Fated

Northrop, Michael ~ Trapped

Novik, Naomi ~ Uprooted

Nowlin, Laura ~ If He Had Been With Me


Oakes, Colleen ~ Queen of Hearts: The Crown

Oakes, Stephanie ~ The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly
Ostow, Micol ~ Amity


Peacock, Kathleen ~ Hemlock

Pearce, Jackson ~ Sweetly

Peters, Julie Anne ~ Rage: A Love Story

Peters, Julie Anne ~ Define "Normal"

Petrucha, Stefan ~ Ripper 

Pitcher, Chelsea ~ The S-Word

Preble, Joy ~ Dreaming Anastasia



Reeves, Amy Carol ~ Ripper

Rhodes, Amelia Atwater ~ Hawksong

Rhodes, Amelia Atwater ~ Snakecharm

Rhodes, Amelia Atwater ~ Token of Darkness

Rhodes, Amelia Atwater ~ Wyvernhail

Rhodes, Amelia Atwater ~ Bloodwitch

Rhodes, Morgan ~ Falling Kingdoms

Richey, Kevin ~ Unpretty

Richey, Kevin ~ Zombie Fairy Tales: The Complete Collection

Riordan, Rick ~ The Red Pyramid

Ritter, William ~ Jackaby

Rossi, Veronica ~ Riders

Roth, Veronica~ Divergent

Rowell, Rainbow ~ Fangirl

Rowell, Rainbow ~ Carry On

Russo, Meredith ~ If I Was Your Girl


Sampson, Jeff ~ Vesper

Santos, Steven Dos ~ The Culling

Scott, Kylie ~ Lick

Scott, Kylie ~ Play

Scott, Kylie ~ Lead

Scott, Kylie ~ Deep

Scott, Kylie ~ Dirty

Sedgwick, Marcus ~ White Crow

Sepetys, Ruta ~ Salt to the Sea

Shakespeare, William ~ Romeo and Juliet

Shan, Darren~ Zom-B

Shan, Darren ~ Zom-B Underground

Shan, Darren ~ Zom-B City

Shan, Darren ~ Zom-B Angels

Shan, Darren ~ Zom-B Baby

Shan, Darren ~ Zom-B Gladiator

Shan, Darren ~ Zom-B Mission

Shan, Darren ~ Zom-B Circus

Shan, Darren ~ Zom-B Clans

Shan, Darren ~ Zom-B Family

Shan, Darren ~ Zom-B Bride

Savage, Shay ~ Transcendence

Shecter, Vicky Alvear ~ Curses and Smoke

Showalter, Gena~ Alice in Zombieland

Simmons, Wayne ~ Flu

Sparks, Beatrice (Editor) ~ Treacherous Love

Stiefvater, Maggie ~ The Raven Boys

Stohl, Margaret ~ Beautiful Creatures

Stoltz, Adrienne ~ Lucid

Swain, H.A. ~ Hungry


Tahir, Sabaa ~ An Ember in the Ashes

Taylor, Laini ~ Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Tintera, Amy ~ Reboot

Tintera, Amy ~ Rebel

Twiss, Miranda ~ The Most Evil Men and Women in History


Unger, Lisa ~ In the Blood


Vallan, Toni ~ Dark Shadows

Vanrell, Eva ~ The Butterfly Crest

Varden, Jade ~ Hope's Rebellion

Vaught, Susan ~ Insanity

Vega, Danielle ~ The Merciless

Vega, Danielle ~ Survive the Night

Velde, Vivian Vande~ Cloaked in Red

Verday, Jessica ~ The Hollow

Verday, Jessica ~ The Haunted

Verday, Jessica ~ The Hidden

Viguie, Debbie ~ Violet Eyes

Viguie, Debbie ~ Midnight Pearls

Vincent, Rachel ~ My Soul to Take

Vivian, Siobhan ~ The List


Walsh, Sara~ The Dark Light

Warman, Jessica ~ The Last Good Day of the Year

Wasserman, Robin ~ The Waking Dark

Wein, Elizabeth ~ Code Name Verity

Wein, Elizabeth ~ Rose Under Fire

West, Michelle Sagara ~ Silence

Weyn, Suzanne~ Beaten

Weyn, Suzanne ~ The Night Dance

Weyn, Suzanne ~ Faces of the Dead

Weyn, Suzanne ~ Dr. Frankenstein's Daughters

Weyn, Suzanne ~ Invisible World

Williams, Carol Lynch ~ The True Colors of Caitlynne Jackson

Wilson, Jamie ~ Anais of Brightshire



Yancey, Rick ~ The 5th Wave

Yovanoff, Brenna ~ Paper Valentine


Zink, Michelle ~ Prophecy of the Sisters

Zink, Michelle ~ This Wicked Game

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