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The White WitchR

Title: The White Witch
Author: Janet Graber
Number of Pages: 148 
Date Read: October 9, 2012
Genre: Historical Fiction

Synopsis (Found on

Accused of witchcraft, threatened by the Plague. 
The Great Plague has come to England, and no one is safe, least of all Gwendoline Riston. With fair skin and hair and a way with plants and animals, the villagers are calling her a witch and blaming her for the disease. A story of survival and self-discovery, this is historical fiction with a bit of suspense and even romance mixed in and is sure to captivate today's reader.

My Review:

*May Contain Spoilers*

I liked this book. I really liked Gwen and her character. I liked how she looked different from everyone else with the white hair and pale skin. 

In this book Gwen was a healer but when the plague comes to England the villagers in her village call her a witch and blame her for the plague. While I love reading historical fiction books, books like these do get me upset because people back then were so stupid. They believed in witches and thought they had real power. I always hate the accusers in these books and I sympathize with the accused because of all the horrible things they have to go through, like being thrown in a river. 

I really didn't like Jack who was Gwen's childhood friend. He was a pathetic loser. Gwen's father found his homeless ass when he was a kid and took him in and raised him as his own son. Gwen and Jack grew up together. Later on as they became teens, Jack fell in love with Hannah (some girl down the road). Anywho, Jack leaves to be an apprentice but comes back to find Hannah when the plague strikes. Hannah is in the church with Gwen (where she has been hiding) and is dying of the plague. Gwen tries to heal her but she ends up dying.

It was totally Jack's fault that Hannah died. Gwen tried to heal her and told Jack not to move her from her bed. But Jack, being an idiot guy who doesn't listen, gets her up to go in the rain (like thats a great idea for a person dying from the plague..lets put her in the rain..idiot)and not even one step out in the rain she bites the dust. Then after Gwen and Jack bury Hannah, Jack has the nerve to accuse Gwen of witchcraft and of killing Hannah. Jerk much? After all Gwen and her father had done for his stupid ass. And Gwen loved him too and still tried to save Hannah for him. 

Then the freaking coward kills himself because of his "grief" over Hannah's death after he promised Hannah to go on living and love again if she died (which she did). Guess his promise isn't worth much huh. Anyway I would of gladly pulled the trigger myself to kill him after he turned against Gwen who tried to heal Hannah for his dumb ass. Good riddance to him I say and Gwen could do so much better, which she does when she finds Lawrence. 

Im glad in the end Gwen finds her father (who went to search for loser Jack) and can go back to her village (who tried to kill her for witchcraft) under the protection of a lord. Ha to those asses in her village. Now they can't touch her and the have to watch her live in the village with a lord! Losers! Im also happy with the ending where Gwen and Lawrence end up together. Yay happy ending!


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