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Hope's Rebellion

Title: Hope’s Rebellion
Author: Jade Varden
Series:  Standalone
Number of Pages: 169
Date Read: 2/23/14
Genre: Dystopian, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Synopsis (Found on

Their friendship will test the fabric of tradition, duty and destiny...

There are only two seasons in Godenor: summer and winter. Weather brings the only surprises to a society where everything is planned, and everyone's status is determined at the color of their hair.

Rinna has the right hair, Drexi the wrong, and Prelly is almost too ordinary -- in every way but one. Small mistakes bring them together, creating ripples in a pond that knows nothing but serenity. If they reach their goals, they can't help but shatter the world they know.

Love of any kind, even the bond of friendship, isn't allowed in their world...but then, the heart can't always follow orders.

My Review:

This book was awesome! I loved everything about it. 

Basically the story is about 3 girls who live in a dystopian world, Godenor, where status and their future is based on the color of their hair. Blonde hair is the top of the list. Being a blonde is the best thing in this society. Rinna is a blond. Drexi was born to a blond mother but was slated for life as a slave. Prelly has brown hair and the main feature on her is her huge blue eyes. The story is how these girls meet and how their lived intertwine and change as they grow older. 

While the story is dystopian it reads like a historical fiction set in an ancient world. There are lords, soldiers and slaves. The soldiers wear armor and use spears, swords, knives and arrows. The homes are described like homes in an ancient world would be~ stone homes with open windows and no technology to speak of. There are leaders in the society and they govern the people and their way of life with a machine called an Allocator which decided the fate of the citizens. I almost thought it was mislabeled as dystopian until the Epilogue when one sentence made me realize where Godenor is and what the Allocator is. Now I can say 100% that the book is a dystopian book. 

My favorite character is Drexi. She is brave, sarcastic, spunky and determined. Her first years were very hard~ she was born to a blonde woman but Drexi was born with black hair. I guess because of her hair and grade at her first allocation, she was fated for a life of slavery. She was collected at 3 and put into a labor camp until one day when she was 8 and a stranger changed her fate. She was able to get an education and thats where she meets Rinna and Prelly. Drexi is a very determined girl and works extra hard in school to prove that she is worthy of the life given to her. Drexi excels at her work and is very intelligent. She has a lot of common sense and she has abilities that allow her to know and gain all sorts of information. She has a quick mind. She is very brave and adventurous as well. She constantly tests the world around her to see how far she can go which can be problematic because breaking many laws in Godenor end in death. 

I love the romance that was between Drexi and Wren. Both are in love with each other and both are fated to not be with each other. In Godenor, not everyone can have children and marry. Only the golden ones (blonde hair) and a few selected others are allowed to be "mothers" and only the soldiers are allowed to "mate" with the girl. The system is really weird and its kind of like the girls are prostitutes in brothels. The girls who are chosen to be mothers are coupled with a soldier to have sex with. If the coupling ends in a baby, then the woman is "mated" or married to a different soldier. If the coupling doesn't end in a baby then the soldier can allow his other soldier friends to try to impregnate the girl until she become pregnant. Its just disgusting how "mothers" are treated in Godenor. Anyway Drexi is never destined to be a mother and Wren is destined to be a soldier, and they would never be together. However they find a way. I love how much they loved each other and they waited for each other over the years of their training and careers. I loved how they saw only each other when they were together and they couldn't be without each other. It was cute. 

Rinna was ok. I wasn't too into her as a character. Rinna was a brave girl as well and outgoing. She takes care of her friends and stands up for them. She speaks her mind and gets things she thinks are important done. Rinna was not happy with her lot in life as a golden hair. Her fate was sealed with her birth and her gold hair. She is destined to be a mother, so the feeling is that her education is not as important as everyone elses. She has to focus on being a mother. Rinna resents her lots in life and her hair color. Its seen many times in the book when Drexi and Prelly have to go to another lesson and Rinna wants to go but can't because she has to go do something she feels is dumb. So she sets out to change her fate. At times I felt like Rinna was a bit snotty and other times whiny about her fate. I mean I understand no wanting to be a baby cow but on the flip side she gets all the luxuries that no one else gets. 

Prelly was ok. She was very annoying to me when she complained that she was never good at anything. It seemed like she was written to be very dumb. Drexi needed to teach her all the lessons over and over again and she failed at almost all the tasks required of her in school. Also in terms of looks, the only thing going for her was her big blue eyes. Her lot changed when she was three and later on after her schooling, Prelly's fate changed again. It seems like her fate was going to be a happy one but Prelly does suffer a lot. Prelly is a very vulnerable girl and has almost no confidence. She does change in the end but its takes a lot. 

The book has some surprising twists. Some of the things I thought were gonna happen didn't which made the book unpredictable, which I liked. The book made me feel a rage of emotions from happiness to anger to sadness. The ending was awesome but I have mixed feeling about some of the events that happened. Sadness, happiness and anger are battling in me about the ending. The way the book ends leaves an opening for a sequel but is enough of an ending for it to be a standalone. 

There was one thing about the book that I wish there was more of and that was learning more about the world. One thing that really bother me was Drexi's fate. She was born with black hair which she says herself that most of the population has. So my question is why is she made to be a slave? Its its solely because of her hair color, or is it because of the grade the soldiers gave her or is it because her mother shamed Godenor when she gave birth to a black haired daughter when she was blonde? Or is it a little of both? I found myself wondering about that. When Drexi was in school she noticed that many of the girls have dark hair like her and they were sloted for an education instead of slavery. I guess a better understanding of the whole system would of been better. Other than that I loved the book and would so read a sequel if there is one.


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