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Title: Snakecharm
Author: Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
Series: The Kiesha’ra, Book 2
Number of Pages: 167
Date Read: 2/28/14
Genre: Fantasy, Shape shifters,

Synopsis (Found on

Zane Cobriana, cobra shapeshifter, thanks the gods every day for Danica, his hawk pair bond, and the peace their union has brought to the avian and serpiente. Soon, Danica will have a child to carry on their royal line. But what should be a happy time is riddled with doubt.
Syfka, an ancient falcon, has arrived from Ahnmik claiming that one of her people is hidden in their midst. The falcons are more powerful than the avians and serpiente combined, and Syfka shows nothing but contempt for Zane and Danica's alliance. To Zane's horror, his own people seem just as appalled as Syfka is by the thought of a mixed-blood child becoming heir to the throne.
Is Syfka's lost falcon just a ruse to stir up controversy among them? The truth lies somewhere in their tangled pasts and the search will redefine Zane and Danica's fragile future

My Review:

This is one of my favorite books and I love rereading it over and over. This will be a short review because there are lots of spoilers in this book and I don't wanna give anything away

This books picks up a few months after the first book, 
Hawksong. This book is in Zane's point of view. The war between the serpiente and the avians is over. Danica and Zane rule both people in their each individual courts. While the war is over, the two cultures have not merged together. Some brave individuals have traveled to the other's markets to do business but integration has not occurred yet. Zane and Danica are tasked with figuring out how to make both of their races happy, especially if they are planning on having children, who would be heirs to both thrones. While dealing with this issue, the falcons shapeshifters have come to Danica and Zane's lands claiming that there is a hidden falcon in their land that they want back. 

I still love all the characters from the previous book and there are all in this book: Zane, Danica and Rei. Zane and Danica's love has grown and the reader can see and feel the love they have for each other. Danica has become a serpiente dancer and dances for Zane many times. Just from Zane's and Danica's words and actions toward each other shows how much they love each other. Both have also grown as leaders and are comfortable in each other's lands with each other's people. Rei still protects Danica with his life but his love for her as a partner has passed. 

With this book is the introduction of the falcons, a shape shifting race that were only mentioned in Hawksong. They are powerful shape shifters that live on an island. Their magic is still intact and its powerful magic. Falcons can take on the form of someone, can heal people, can read minds and can fight with their magic. They are also very strict and very conceited race. They believe they are above all the other shifters and are the best. On the island, the penalty for breaking most laws is death. The falcons only treasure pure blooded children between the same species of falcon and any other children are seen as abominations. We meet two falcons from the island who come searching for a missing falcon. They are Syfka and the heir to the throne Araceli. I really didn't like either of them. They were arrogant, insulted Zane and Danica several times and acted as if they were the best creatures on earth. I wanted to smack them.

All in all this is one of my favorite books and a great 2nd book in the series. 


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