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All the Truth that’s in Me

Title: All the Truth that’s in Me
Author: Julie Berry
Series: Standalone
Number of Pages: 274
Date Read: 3/25/16 
Genre: Historical Fiction, Mystery

Synopsis (Found on

Four years ago, Judith and her best friend disappeared from their small town of Roswell Station. Two years ago, only Judith returned, permanently mutilated, reviled and ignored by those who were once her friends and family.

Unable to speak, Judith lives like a ghost in her own home, silently pouring out her thoughts to the boy who’s owned her heart as long as she can remember—even if he doesn’t know it—her childhood friend, Lucas.

But when Roswell Station is attacked, long-buried secrets come to light, and Judith is forced to choose: continue to live in silence, or recover her voice, even if it means changing her world, and the lives around her, forever.

This startlingly original novel will shock and disturb you; it will fill you with Judith’s passion and longing; and its mysteries will keep you feverishly turning the pages until the very last.

My Review: 

This was a good historical fiction book and I enjoyed it. 

The Plot:
Judith has disappeared from her village in Roswell Station for 4 years. When she comes back she is mutilated- He tongue has been cut out and she cannot speak. The story is about her day to day life in her home and village. Many events happen and she related them to the reader as if she is writing in a journal except it's her thoughts. When she talks about a certain character, named Lucas, and the feelings she has for him she use the word "you" as if she is talking to him. The book is about how she is treated by others in the village and by her family now that she is a mute. 

The Characters:
I liked Judith. As a reader I could see her grow and change from the beginning of the book to the end. In the beginning she was timid and didn't really want anyone to notice her. She was also kind of whiny and a bit stalkerish towards Lucas. But near the end she becomes strong and wants people to hear her and take notice. Judith starts out very lost, wondering what will become of her and throughout the book she finds inner strength and decides she can do something with her life. She also has a tough skin, hearing all the gossip and rude things people say about her. The only things that hurt her are her mother's remarks. Judith is also loyal to her village even though they treat her like garbage. She went and faced her fear because it meant getting help when the village was under attack. She is a sweet character and I'm glad she was ok at the end. 

Lucas is the by Judith loves and who she talks to in her mind throughout the book, so we only get a view of him through Judith's eyes and hear what he says through Judith's ears. From what I gathered he is a hardworking young man who has many hardships in his young life. He was revered as the town hero and the one people looked to for leadership because of his family name but one event throws him out of popularity. Now he is ridiculed and treated as a pariah by the stupid townspeople. Lucas is very sweet and kind especially to Judith. He helps her and her brother to school during the winter. I loved how sweet, loving and kind he is to his old dog Jip. He is like the perfect guy. 

I really hated Judith's mother. She treats Judith like a leper because of her cut out tongue which was NOT HR FAULT! She was gave all her affection to Judith's brother (who honestly didn't want it) and basically treated Judith as if she was a slave. Instead of being thankful that her daughter came back alive she is disgusted by her and all but ignores her except to order her around. At one point she even calls her a whore. She forbids Judith to even try to talk because she says Judith sound like an idiot when she tries to talk. What a winner of a mother. She should of died of a fever. What a b***h.

I really liked Judith's brother Darrel. He is younger than her but he helps her and is there for her when he can be. Of course they have their fights and disagreements but thy help each other. Darrel gets injured and Judith helps him. They both go to school and Darrel helps Judith with the work. He dislikes the way his mother treats Judith and defends her when he can. He is genuinely happy for Judith at the end of the book. 

I'm not going to lie, the book was boring at times. There was a bit of mystery involved because a girl went missing a few days before Judith. The girl was found dead a few days after Judith disappeared and they're a mystery of who killed the girl and who was Judith's kidnapper. The reader learns some information in the beginning of the book but the townspeople doesn't know. So it was kind of a wait to see when they would find out the information and that was kind of annoying. But all in all a good book and I'm glad I read it. 


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