Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Zom-B Bride

Title: Zom-B Bride
Author: Darren Shan
Series: Zom-B , Book 10
Number of Pages: 175
Date Read: 5/4/15
Genre: Zombies, Paranormal, Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic

Synopsis (Found on Goodreads.com)

B Smith has been reunited with the murderous maniac clown, Mr. Dowling. To her shock and consternation, he's desperate to make B his partner in crime. Mr. Dowling disgusts her, but B thinks she can see a way to control him and maybe even save the world. But it will involve a sacrifice far greater and more surreal than any she has contemplated before...

My Review:

This book was good but not as good as the others. It was more of an information book. 

In this book we see more of Owl Man and Mr.Dowling. B is taken to Mr.Dowlings lair/home in secret subway tunnels. 

We find out what the creepy babies are, how they came to be and why they call B mummy all the time. We also fins out a lot about Mr.Dowling. Mr. Dowling communicates mentally with his followers and he establishes this connection using electricity. He shocks B and from then on he is able to communicate with her. 

In this book we find out about who Mr. Dowling was before he went bat s*** crazy, how he is connected to Owl Man and Dr. Oystein, what role he has in the zombie and mutant gene and why he is obsessed with B. B stays in Mr.Dowling's "house" the entire book. She is brought there and at first, Mr. Dowling takes care of her injured body. However it becomes clear that she is not free to leave there. She is repeatedly shocked with electricity and is allowed more access to Mr.Dowling's brain each time. He loves B and he wants her to have access to his whole memory but he won't allow it until she agrees to marry him. 

In this book, the reader can begin to take pity on Mr.Dowling and become soft when it comes to him. B's opinion of him changes and while she doesn't love him or anything, has to make the decision to marry him or not. She wants to get a good deal out it, ensuring the safety of people. The question is if Mr.Dowling would accept her offer. 

There was not a lot action in this book until the very end and it will most likely be continued in the next book. 


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