Review Policy

I read mostly YA books with a heavy emphasis on the paranormal/urban fantasy/fantasy genre. I also read historical fiction, realistic fiction and dystopian books. I will also read adult books if it interests me. Depending on what's going on in my life/job and how long a book is it could take me a day to 2 weeks to finish a book and I write my reviews right after I finish the book. I have a personal reading list and I read books that were published years ago and books published within the year we are in. For new release books, I may not read and review the book for awhile or I may read and review it immediately, unless of course the book is an ARC book and needs a review within a certain time frame.

My reviews are fair, honest and are my opinion and I will not apologize for anything I write. I write both positive and negative reviews.
 I am very passionate about books and it shows in my reviews. I almost never not finish reading a book but if I do, I will simply write that I did not finish it and give reasons why I abandoned it in my review. I also do not trash books or authors. I think that is very unprofessional.

 If you are an Author or Publisher and need a review quickly, I will alter my reading schedule to read and review your book. In these instances I will finish reading the book no matter what and the review will be written in a timely professional manner.

My Rating System
A+  Excellent/Awesome
A Great
B+ Very Good
B Good
C+ ok
C Ehhh
D Passable
F Bad/ Horrible

 Authors and Publisher: I can alter my rating system for your book to stars

To request a review please go to this page: Requesting Reviews

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Update as of April, 19 2014~ New Kind of review on my blog= Quick Reviews


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      If you want to request a review you can leave a comment on this page or you can send me a message on my goodreads page. Which ever you;d like.

  2. Hello, I was wondering if you'd be interested in reviewing my book The Last Glass, it will be released on october 24th.