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Dark Triumph

Title: Dark Triumph
Author: Robin LaFevers
Series: His Fair Assassin, Book 2
Number of Pages: 387
Date Read: 11/23/14
Genre: Historical Fiction, Fantasy

Synopsis (Found on

When Sybella arrived at the doorstep of St Mortain half mad with grief and despair the convent were only too happy to offer her refuge - but at a price. The sisters of this convent serve Death, and with Sybella naturally skilled in both the arts of death and seduction, she could become one of their most dangerous weapons.

But her assassin's skills are little comfort when the convent returns her to the life that nearly drove her mad. Her father's rage and brutality are terrifying, and her brother's love is equally monstrous. But when Sybella discovers an unexpected ally she discovers that a daughter of Death may find something other than vengeance to live for...

My Review:

This book was amazing and I loved it!

This story focuses on Sybella and is the one I've been waiting to read because I was very interested in her and her life since the first book of the series. 

There are many new characters as well as old ones that make an appearance. Basically this story is about Sybella who was thrusted back into her father's household where she escaped from in the first place. The abbess of Mortain decided that Sybella is needed to go back to her father and get information for the Duchess and the convent. Sybella's father is d'Albret, the annoying count from the first book that pressures the duchess to marry him. Well in this book, the readers see that he is not just annoying but one of the cruelest animals on earth. 

This book opens with the battle that ended the last book, Grave Mercy, with the duchess' men and d'Albret's men fighting in Nantes. Dark Triumph starts in the same moment in Grave Mercy when Ismae notices Sybella on the castle warning her to run before d'Albret's surprise attack. During that battle the Beast of Waroch, a knight on the duchess' side, is brought down in the fight and believed to be dead. The convent learns that Beast (as he's called in the book) is alive and in d'Albret's dungeon awaiting a grisly fate. Sybella is ordered to free him and send him to Rennes where the duchess is. Things go awry and Sybella ends up going with him. The book takes off from there.

I really liked Sybella. If you think Ismae's life was bad then Sybella's was 10x worse. She hated her family except for her two youngest sisters. Her father was an evil asshole, her older brother was just like him and her other brother, Julian, loved her like a man loves his wife not as a sister which was sick (although he does redeem himself in the end). Sybella has many dark secrets that had caused her to go mad, like we saw in the first book. Throughout this book she tries to keep her secrets from Beast who she has grown fond of but eventually we hear her entire story as he does. I like that Sybella likes her job of killing non-innocent people and protecting the ones who are innocent. She is very good at her assassian skills and is the best with knives. She is also a skilled healer and is able to heal Beast for the most part until he can get to a "hospital". Sybella has lived through many traumatic events which cause her to doubt her beliefs in Mortain and the convent as well as deny that she deserves the feelings Beast has for her, until certain events occur. 

She is also very sarcastic and tries to keep people away by insulting them. She is also very loving when she wants to be, very brave, protective and loyal to the duchess and Beast. 

I absolutely love Beast. While I may not remember a lot of things from the first book, I do remember how much I liked Beast and thank God he is the same character. He is a huge giant of a man who Sybella describes as ugly with gorgeous light blue eyes. He is huge and has battle scars all over his body. He is very serious about his honor and is very loyal to the duchess. Even with his extensive injuries in the beginning of the book, he insists on riding a horse and moving as fast as they could to Rennes so he can be of service to the duchess. He puts her life and well being before his own. He is a very skilled knight who calls upon battle lust to help him in killing his enemies. Even though he is a hulking giant he is like a big teddy bear. He is almost always smiling, joking and is just good natured. With Sybella he is very gentle, loving, protecting and loyal. He worries for her safety and saves her more than once without her realizing she needed saving until she reflects on what could have happened if he wasn't there. He doesn't believe Sybella when she says things about herself and always argues against whatever she says about herself with logic. He is a great guy. 

He is the one who softens Sybella's heart and allows her to realize she is allowed to love someone. 

I hated Sybella's father d'Albret. He was such a ruthless monster who did horrible unspeakable evil that I wished I could go into the book and torture and kill him myself. The things he did to Sybella and his wives were awful and he needed to die asap. He was so disgusting. 

We also see some of the other characters like Ismae, Duval and the duchess. Ismae has changed since Grave Mercy and is no longer in the abbess' favor. Sybella makes fun of Ismae being in love with Duval but secretly she is jealous of it. 

Like I said in Grave Mercy with Ismae, you can see how much Sybella changes in Dark Triumph. She goes from being this mad crazy girl to a master assassin who gets sent to her father's house again where its like she reverted back to her old self. She was always scared, gloomy and wishing for death. She goes from that to finding herself, falling in love and becoming the strong heroine she is in the end. I really enjoy a book when you can really see the character changing for the better. 

Oh and I absolutely LOVED the romance in this book. Once again no insta-love or love triangles. Just a nice romantic love between two people who were thrown together in certain circumstances, who would of never met otherwise. I love that Sybella falls in love with Beast. They both challenge one another and both have had tragic upbringings. They understand each other and the darkness in each other. Both of them look fierce and unapproachable, Beast with his looks and Sybella with her personality who doesn't allow for anyone to get close, but when they are with each other they are gentle, mushy and loving. I love how Sybella loves Beast despite his looks because she loves the person inside. She says "I stare down at his face. It has not grown more beautiful since I first found him, festering in the dungeon, and yet it is more dear to me than my own." Beast also loves Sybella for who she is and not her horrible past. Its such a sweet romance and I hope it hold for them in the next book even though that one is about Annith. All I want is a mention of them in the book like the got married or something. IS that too much to ask? :D


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