Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Grimm Prequel Series

Title: Various (see below)
Author: Cameron Jace
Series: The Grimm Prequels, Books 1-18
Number of Pages: Bundles Equal to 581 pgs
Date Read: From 2/9/15-2/15/15
Genre: Fairy Tale Retellings, Novellas/Prequels

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   Once Beauty Twice Beast
   Moon & Madly 

  Happy Valentine's Slay
  Children of Hamlin
  Tooth & Nail & Fairy Tale
  Ember in the Wind
  Jar of Hearts
  Welcome to Sorrow 

  Snow White Black Swan
  The Pumpkin Piper
  Prince of Puppets
  The Sleeping Swan

My Review:

These short novellas were great. They are novellas that give insight to the many characters that are in Cameron Jace's main series called The Grimm Diaries. The were written to give us background on all the fairytale characters in the main series who may not get to tell their story. Many characters are in these books so sometimes it is hard to remember them all, remember who hates and likes who, who can do what and especially the times these stories take place in. I especially like how some of these stories are tied to infamous historical figures like Elizabeth Bathory. I also like how vampires, werewolves, goblins and other creatures are woven into the stories. Some of the characters are not the same characters who you grew up loving, others are not who you think they are and still others go by many different names so you'll be surprised to find out that one characters can be many different characters you love. 

I liked most of the novellas, with the exception of a few that were just ok. I have a few favorites and they are mostly about Red Riding Hood and Snow Whites mother who is called the Queen of Sorrow, with an exception of one or two. I have to say my favorite character, from the prequel series anyway, is Red Riding Hood.
 The titles that are my favorite are:
 Snow White Blood Red
Ladle Rat Rotten Hut
Mary Mary Quite Contrary
Moon and Madly
Happy Valentine’s Slay
Children of Hamlin
Jar of Hearts

Now that I read the prequel series I'm excited to read the main series. I also heard that Cameron Jace is going to write a series that's all about Red Riding Hood and I really hope he does because I'll read it straight away. 

Snow White Blood Red~ A
Ashes to Ashes and Cinder to Cinder~ D
Beauty Never Dies~ B
Ladle Rat Rotten Hut~ A+
Mary Mary Quite Contrary~ A+
Blood Apples~ B
Once Beauty Twice Beast~ B+
Moon and Madly~ A
Rumpelstein~ B
Jawigi~ A
Happy Valentine’s Slay~ A
Children of Hamlin~ A+
Tooth & Nail & Fairytale~ B
Ember in the Wind~ B+
Jar of Hearts~ A+
Welcome to Sorrow~ B
Snow White Black Swan~ B
The Pumpkin Piper~ B
Prince of Puppets~ C
The Sleeping Swan~ B