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Title: Fallen
Author: Lauren Kate
Series: Fallen, Book 1
Number of Pages: 452
Date Read: 3/21/15
Genre: Angels, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance

Synopsis (Found on

What if the person you were meant to be with could never be yours?

17-year-old Lucinda falls in love with a gorgeous, intelligent boy, Daniel, at her new school, the grim, foreboding Sword & Cross . . . only to find out that Daniel is a fallen angel, and that they have spent lifetimes finding and losing one another as good & evil forces plot to keep them apart. 

Get ready to fall . . 

My Review:

This is the second time I'm reading this book and while I still like it, the glamour of it wore off the second time around. 

First off I have to say my favorite character is Cam. I love me a bad boy. He is everything I'd want in a guy and he's totally my type. I love the bad boy act, his sarcasm, his sweetness, his caring, the way he can make a girl feel like she's the only one in the world. I love how bad ass he is and how he fights. I also love the green eyes and black hair (Reminds me of my #1 book BF Varen). I love how he is so confident and goes after what he wants. Its not just all about his looks and "sexiness". He is also a very good character and lightens up the mood at times. I'm team Cam all the way. 

That being said I did like Daniel but for me he's too much of the golden boy. Boring. While yes I imagine him to be good looking, blondes aren't my thing. He is also way too serious, although I can see why with his experiences. But still. He could lighten up a bit. He is what I can see as being the "hero" in the series while Cam is the "Anti-hero". Daniel is a nice guy too but he can be a bit of an ass also. 

What do I say about Luce? She's ok. I didn't hate her but I didn't love her. I felt like the supporting characters outshined her and she is supposed to be the main character. She is very naive, a bit slow at getting things and makes stupid decisions. She is also very creepy with her stalker like tendencies when it comes to Daniel. I felt like the moment she saw Daniel, she could think of nothing else but him and that overtook the whole story. Its like all her actions were done so that Daniel could notice her, or so that she could get close to him. She just seemed very immature and needs to grow up some more. 

The supporting characters were great. I loved Penn. She was such a sweet heart. She helped Luce her first day at Sword and Cross and they became fast friends. She helped Luce with her obsession over Daniel and helped her research him. She's very loyal and is the kind of friend everyone wants. I also loved Arriane with her craziness. She is bold, in your face and says anything she wants. She is the first person Luce meets who becomes her friend. She takes Luce under her wing. Gabbe is another great character. She is a girly girl who love pink, manicures and has a southern accent when she talks. She is very nice and she is the kind of person to sugarcoat things so that your feelings aren't hurt. But she is also tough as nails. Molly is an angry mean bully but she was a good characters too. She is very mean to Luce. Roland is ok too. There's not much about him except he's quite, can smuggle anything into the school and is always friendly to Luce. 

The romance bothered me because it was insta-love. Like super insta love. Luce took one look at Daniel and boom- love. She became obsessed with him and was kind of a stalker. There was a hint of a love triangle between Luce, Daniel and Cam. However you could clearly see who she would pick (Daniel) without even really KNOWING either boy. I just couldn't stand her obsession with Daniel when she didn't know him. She was also a glutton for punishment because for the most part, until near the end of the book, Daniel was a complete ass to her. While Daniel was being an ass, Cam was being the perfect guy, treating her like she was the only girl in the world, getting her things and going out of his way to spend time with her. But of course like all the stupid heroines do, they choose the ass to obsess about while kicking the guy who is acting sweet to the curb. Let me just say that after the second or third time Daniel would of treated me like crap like he did to Luce, I'd say "F**k off" and forget about him. But Luce keeps coming back for more. Oh well, she can have Daniel. Cam is too good for her. 

I also didn't like how everyone put Cam down and revered Daniel. Even Luce. At the end of the book, the reader could see that she hates him, when he didn't really do anything except get into a couple of fights. Also Luce blames him for the fight he and Daniel had, when clearly Daniel threw the first punch. So she can hate Cam for hitting Daniel but not hate Daniel for hitting Cam? And she could sit and watch Gabbe kick Cam's ass and have nothing to say? Yeah well..shes a bitch. All she cares about is Daniel and the way she acts around him, like a love sick puppy, made me want to hurl. I also couldn't keep dealing with the whole true love, "I believe in our Love" and "Love can save everyone" speeches/thoughts. Gimme a break please. Love can't stop you from dying. Get a grip Luce. 

There really wasn't much action until the end which was ok for me because I like the information giving that usually comes along in the first book of a series. I will continue to read the series where I hope to see more of Cam, hope that Luce grows up a bit and I hope that the whole love/obsession thing gets toned down.

BTW, I haven't read any of the other books in the series yet, so this will be my first time reading those. 


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  1. I did not like this book when I read it years ago then I tried the second and hated it even more. This is clearly a series that's not for me.
    Great review.
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