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Gods With Fangs

Title: Gods With Fangs
Author: D.C. Armstrong
Series: Gods With Fangs, Book 1
Number of Pages: 195
Date Read: 3/5/14
Genre: Vampire, Dystopian, Fantasy, PNR, U.F.

Synopsis (Found on

Cora McNeil’s world has been turned upside down. Vampires have effortlessly taken over the world after meticulously placing themselves in positions of power over a century’s time. They claim to have pure intentions: promising to lead mankind to a better way of life using their wealth, wisdom, and immunity to the selfish nature of humanity. However, many citizens are skeptical of their intentions, including Cora’s father. His defiance leads him down a dangerous path and Cora is left with no choice but to try to protect her father from himself. But for Cora, the trouble is only just beginning as her life intertwines with those of three incredibly powerful vampires whose machinations may determine the fate of us all.

My Review:

I liked this book. While I did have some problems with it, my overall opinion is that it was very interesting and great.

The basic plot of the story is that the world is now being "taken over" by vampires in an effort to have peace in the world and have vampires and humans coexist together. The vampires have come out of hiding and have decided that the humans are becoming too violent for their own good. The vampires have formed what they call dominions all over the worlds with the oldest vampires in charge of the dominions. The dominion that this book focuses on is called North West Dominion and is led by 3 vampire brothers: Dominic, Aries and Piper. Cora is a human whose father is against the vampires and is the leader of a resistance. Cora is left having to pick between trying to save her father from his destructive path or to side with the three vampire brothers that she comes to know is trying to do good for the world.

I'm not sure how I feel about Cora. At times I like her while other times I don't. I like how she is at times she can be a strong female character, she is loyal, a free thinker, some one who sticks to her convictions/beliefs and always tries to do what is right. However she can be extremely naive in what is going on with the vampires and extremely naive when it comes to her father. She buys the outright lies her father tells her and she is duped into spying for him. I couldn't believe that she didn't see right through her father with the things he says. I also didn't like how she treated her mother. She put her father on a high pedestal and resented things her mother said about him <spoiler>She continued to talk and try to reason with her er father who basically told her his plan to mass murder the vampires but when her mother sends Aries after her to lookout for her safety, she contemplates whether she will ever speak to her mother again. Really? Come on. </spoiler>  I did like how in the beginning of the story, Cora was skeptical about the vampire take over as well, like her father, BUT she did her research about them and met Aries and THEN decided to side with them. She didn't blindly side with her father or her mother (who is pro-vampire) or the vampires. She took the time to think and learn all she could before she came to a thought out conclusion. I like how she tries to save her father at first and convince him that the vampires are really good but I did get tired of it after awhile.

My favorite vampire brother is Piper. He is such a loose cannon and its great. I love his humor, his sarcasm and his love for life. I also love his dark and violent side as well. He is crazy but also loyal and protective of those he cares about. He is also extremely intelligent which makes him extremely dangerous. We don't see much of him until the end and when we do...WOW. There is a lot of hinting around about Piper's past but not much is said on it. I hope he is features more in the second book. I also love his passion for animals and I love his pets!

I like both Dominic and Aries too. Dominic is the oldest vampire in the North West Dominion. We don't get to know a lot about Dominic either. He is known to be the vampire who deals with all the riots and rebellions. He is the one everyone associated with the coming out of the vampires. He is quiet and is always worried that something will go wrong with the vampires leading the world. He is very close to Piper, feeling responsible and protective of him. Aries is the charismatic brother who is running to become the prime minister of the North West Dominion. Aries is a very good person who wants to bring peace to the world. He is obsessed with doing good for others and always wants to help people. He is considered to be the voice of the vampires in his dominion. While he strives to do good things he does have a dark side that we very briefly see and that I want to know more about. It seems as if he has done things that he regrets and I wanna know what they are. Aries is very likable, friendly and a true gentleman. And for me, while I do love Piper the best, Aries is hottest :D.

Of course there is a bit of romance in the book between Cora at least two of the vampires. However, one thing that got to me is the insta love at least on Aries' side. It's completely ridiculous. He met Cora and spend a few hours with her and already he tells her he love her. What? I'm sorry but no. Cora has enough sense to tell him that he doesn't even know her and that she doesn't know him. He however admits to seeing her and falling instantly in love. I'm sorry but that is just not believable to me and it bothers me. There is also hints of a love triangle, which I am also not a fan of. I also so called it that Cora would be attracted to Piper and that he'd be another potential love interest. So its two brothers who want the same girl. Kind of reminiscent of the Ren, Kishan and Kelsey love triangle in [book:Tiger's Curse|9284655] and the Stefan, Damon and Elena triangle in [book:The Vampire Diaries|9606839]. However I get the feeling that Cora feels something for Piper and just has friendly feelings for Aries. I could be wrong but I am rooting for Piper and Cora to be together. Usually the girl picks the safe brother but I'd like to see the girl go for the wild brother this time and actually end up with him in the end. We'll see.

The book did have a lot of politics in it which is not something I follow in the real world but it worked in the book. I found myself interested in the inner workings of the vampire take over and how they planned on running things to benefit both humans and vampires alike.

One thing that I noticed was that, my copy at least, had some typos and were missing words. While I was able to know what the missing words were from the sentence context, it kind of threw me off while reading. Also the point of views change a lot in the book sometimes from paragraph to paragraph which made it difficult for me to know who was thinking and saying what. One thing I found quite funny and contradictory was the description of Piper's eyes. In chapter four, they are "pale blue" and in chapter 20 or 21, they are a "dazzling green". I would like to know which color his eyes really are since he is easily my favorite character.

The last chapter was the awesome, gory and I completely loved it. It sealed the deal in my decision to read the second book of the series. I would recommend this book for vampire lovers, especially ones looking for a break from the teenage vampire stories that are out there. 


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