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The Haunted

Title: The Haunted
Author: Jessica Verday
Series: The Hollow, Book 2
Number of Pages: 467 
Date Read: 1/6/15
Genre: Ghost, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy

Synopsis (Found on

An impossible truth. An impossible love. 

After a summer spent reclaiming her sanity and trying to forget the boy she fell in love with--the boy who must not exist, cannot exist, because she knows that he is dead--Abbey returns to Sleepy Hollow, ready to leave the ghosts of her past behind. She throws herself into her schoolwork, her perfume-making, and her friendship with Ben, her cute and funny lab partner, who just might be her ticket to getting over Caspian once and for all. 

But Abbey can never get over Caspian, and Caspian has no choice but to return to her side, for Caspian is a Shade, and Abbey is his destiny. They are tied not only to each other, but also to the town of Sleepy Hollow, and to the famous legend that binds their fates--a legend whose dark truths they are only beginning to guess....

My Review:

I enjoyed this reading this book and it was a good second in a series book. 

This book is set a few months after "The Hollow". Abbey is at her Aunt Marg's house where she has been since her breakdown in February (its now June). While there she seems to be doing better and is seeing a psychiatrist for what she thinks are hallucinations (Caspian, Katy and Nikolas). She returns to Sleepy Hollow earlier than expected when she is asked to say a few words about Kristen during the reveal of the new bridge in Sleepy Hollow. While there she tries her best to forget about Caspian who she thinks she hallucinated. She begins to hang out more with Ben and their friendship develops. However once she sees Caspian she falls in love all over again and the begin a relationship as best as they could. Abbey finds out her "destiny" in this book as well as some of Kristen's secrets. 

I already spoke about Abbey, Katy, Nikolas and Caspian in the review for the other book and their personalities are basically the same. I just want to say that I was a little surprised at how fast Abbey accepted that Caspian was real. I mean she went away to try to fix herself when she thought he was a hallucination but then she sees and talks to him one time and she readily accepts that he's real and a ghost? Suddenly she decides that everything she learned about Caspian, Katy and Nikolas in the last book is true which kind of makes her leaving Sleepy Hollow in the first place to get help kind of null and void. I dont know. To me she didn't even try hard enough. All she did was look at Caspian and she forgot everything she learned from her psychiatrist. I mean I get he's hot and all but come on. Not very realistic to me. Another thing I found strange is how much freedom Abbey has and how gullible her parents are. She gets up and leaves the house at 7 in the morning to go see Caspian and her mother and father say nothing to her when she gets home. My parents were on my ass when I was 16\17 and I couldn't go anywhere without them knowing where I was going. And leaving early in the morning? Forget about it. They would of killed me and then killed me again if I gave them attitude about where I was like Abbey did. And her parents letting her go "college looking" in another state alone with a boy? Come on, really? Thats all I have to say.

Ben is in this book more and I really like him. Abbey learns that she failed chemistry and she worked out an agreement with her teacher where Ben would tutor her during the summer and she would take a final exam before school started. Ben agrees and they become closer. They hang out a lot also besides when he tutors her. Ben is really a great guy. He's caring, sweet and funny. I like how they are just friends in the book. You think that there might be something more developing but Abbey is all about Caspian and Ben is still dealing with his feelings about Kristen. So they remain friends. Ben is always there when Abbey needs him and is always willing to help her. Ben is kind of a science nerd and he reminds me of Leonard from the Big Bang Theory except not as nerdy looking but their personalities are similar. 

New characters are introduced: Cacey, Uri, Kame and Sophie who are very weird. They have melodic voices and eyes that are very light that they almost seem translucent. They also smell like ashes. Its weird and while they are not very prominent in this book I have a feeling that they will play a bigger role in the next book. 

There is another character that was introduced that I feel will also have a bigger role in the next book, who is Vincent Drake. He is such an ass. He acts like a spoiled rich kid, who knows he is very handsome and who wears expensive clothes and treats other people like shit, especially girls. He is so full of himself, cocky and is just an all around asshole. I hated him. He called himself a revenant. Revenants were briefly described in the book in regard to what they can do. I hope there is more information about them in the next book. 

I enjoyed how the romance between Caspian and Abbey developed. Caspian admitted to Abbey that he lied about loving her and that he really does love her. They begin to see and hangout more they are so cute together. They both fall even more in love and they decide they dating I guess is the term. Caspian does feel like Abbey shouldn't want him because he is dead and can't give her anything but she doesn't care and lets him know it. She finds out that Caspian can only touch her and people in general on his death day, once a year. Abbey tells him that she loves him and she will do whatever to make it work. I think that they're love is sweet and I love how slowly it develops (it kind of has too because he'd you know dead). Caspian is really sweet and makes things for Abbey and surprised her with sweet things her does. He really is the perfect boyfriend besides him being a ghost. At times the romance became kind of cheesy with certain actions and phrasing of words that I think the author was trying to pass off as "hot and heavy" but just came across as full of cheese. Those moments were far and few between you can definitely know the scenes I'm talking about if you've read/will read the book. 

All in all a good read and I'm excited about reading the next book which is the last one of the trilogy.


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