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The Walking Dead Compendium One

Title: The Walking Dead Compendium One
Author: Robert Kirkman 
Series: The Walking Dead
Number of Pages: 1088
Date Read: 9/10/15
Genre: Comic, Graphic Novel, Zombies, Apocalyptic, Post-Apocalyptic

Synopsis (Found on

Introducing the first eight volumes of the fan-favorite, New York Times Best Seller series collected into one massive paperback collection.

In a world ruled by the dead, we are forced to finally start living. With The Walking Dead #1-48, this compendium features more than one thousand pages chronicling the start of Robert Kirkman's Eisner Award-winning story of zombie horror, from Rick Grimes waking up alone in a hospital, his band of survivors seeking refuge on an isolated farm and the controversial introduction of Woodbury despot, The Governor.

My Review:

Wow this comic series is AWESOME! It is different from the TV show which is one of my favorite shows on tv now. But the differences don't make it bad. It's like having two versions of the Walking Dead out there (comics and show) and I love both of them. 

For anyone who doesn't know, the Walking Dead (both show and comics) is about the zombie apocalypse and focuses on the main character Rick Grimes and how he handles the apocalypse and the zombies, how he keeps his family safe and his interactions with other survivors be it good or bad. 

This Compendium covers the very beginning until the attack/destruction of the prison by the governor

The plot is basically the same as the show with some different characters, scenarios and scenes occurring a bit differently in the comics. Rick is still the main character and still kick ass. Surprisingly I really liked Lori in the comics. She's nothing like her tv counterpart and her and Rick have a great relationship throughout her time in the book. She was not annoying and she looked after Carl or at least knew where he was and who he was with when she asked other to babysit him, which wasn't often. She actually took care of him. They should of kept her character in the show the same as she was in the comics but sadly they didn't.

I still didn't like Shane or the governor. Beth, Merle and Daryl do not exist in the comics. Instead of Beth, Maggie has a brother Billy who is with them. Tyrese is with them from mainly the beginning and Sasha doesn't exist. Bob is not part of Rick's group but part of the Woodbury. Milton from the tv show doesn't exist either.
There was also a character Allen with his wife and twin boys who were with Rick from the start until disaster happens. The boys are replaced in the show by Lizzie and Mika. Also there is no Tara. 

Some characters that are in both the show and comics are: Maggie, Glenn, Hershel, Rick, Carl, Lori, Tyrese, Shane, the Governor, Michonne, Martinez, Carol, Sophia, Dale, Andrea. While these characters are both in the show there are differences in their personalities and their alive/dead status in the comics. 

Some parts of the comics were left out in the show especially some gruesome and disturbing scenes. I would of loved to see these scenes play out in the show. I can't really say more about the series without giving things away fro both the show and the comics. But just know that if you love the show the comics are most definitely worth reading and I love them!

Rating: A+

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  1. Great review! I need to find the time to read this sometime soon. :D