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Title: Rebel
Author: Amy Tintera
Series: Reboot, Book 2
Number of Pages: 340
Date Read: 3/17/15
Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction

Synopsis (Found on Goodreads.com)

Wren Connolly thought she'd left her human side behind when she dies five years ago and came back 178 minutes later as a Reboot. With her new abilities of strength, speed, and healingalong with a lack of emotionsWren 178 became the perfect soldier for HARC (Human Advancement and Repopulation Corporation). Then Callum 22 came along and changed everything.

Now that they've both escaped, they're ready to start a new life in peace on the Reboot reservation. But Micah 163, the Reboot running the reservation, has darker plans in mind: to wipe out the humans. 
All of them. Micah has been building a Reboot army for years and is now ready to launch his attack on the cities. Callum wants to stick around and protect the humans. Wren wants nothing more than to leave all the fighting behind them.

With Micah on one side, HARC on the other, and Wren and Callum at odds in the middle, there's only one option left...

It's time for Reboots to become rebels.

My Review:

I liked this book a lot. It starts off right where the last one left off. 

In this book Wren and Callum are at the reboot reservation where the meet the leader Micah who wants to have a war with and kill all humans. Wren and Callum have to deal with him and decide whether or not they will fight and rescue the humans. 

This book is written in two POV's that alternate every chapter. It's Wren and Callums POV. I liked reading from Callum's pov because we get to see things from a more emotional side than Wren's and we also get to see Wren through Callum's eyes. They both have different ideas on what to do with the humans but both agree that its not right to kill them like Micah wants. 

There's really not much to say about the book without giving anything away. There's a lot to deal with in the reservation and the way Micah runs things. Wren is still her same bad ass self who loves Callum. Callum is the same sweet boy who wants to save everyone, has guilt over what he did in the last book and who always tries to do the right thing. Their romance escalated and I liked them together. 

We also get to meet Wren's trainer, Riley who escaped to the reservation. He was such a nice guy who was genuinely happy to see Wren. He was nothing like how she described him to be. He was happy, smiley and he hugged even though he was a high number. He was loyal to Wren and Callum and fought with them against HARC and Micah. 

I hated Micah. He was crazy. I get his reasons for wanting to wipe out the humans, survival of the fittest and all but it still wasn't the right thing to do. He was also an ass to the reboots in the reservation. They were all scared of Micah because his punishments were very harsh, painful and public. He was like Hitler- an evil dictator, until Wren showed up and kicked his ass. At first he liked Wren because of her high number but after he found out that she wasn't going to do everything he said, he started becoming colder to her. 

There was a lot of action in the book just like the last one- plans, attacks, guns and weapons, killing, fights, etc. and I loved it. The only thing that bothered me was how fast everything was wrapped up in this book. Everything got solved in the end and all the goals the characters wanted to accomplish were accomplished almost too easily. The bulk of the plot happened in the last few chapters. Everything just seemed too quick and easy. There could of been at least one more book so that everything could of been better detailed and written instead of Boom and done. Just my feeling anyway. 

Still, I really liked the book. 


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