Saturday, February 20, 2016

Youtube Channel Update

Hi everyone! I just wanted to give a little update about my youtube channel. 

As of today I have about 30-35 videos up on my channel. Some are book hauls, some are reviews, some are monthly wrap-ups and some are tag videos. I'd appreciate it if anyone would like to check it out and/or subscribe. 

Also I wanted to let everyone know that some of the books I've been reading don't have reviews. Its because I don't have much time to write a review on every book (especially if I read 3 books in 3 days) or I just don't have much to say on the book. However, in my Monthly wrap up videos I talk about the books I've read during that month and I include a few sentences of my thoughts on the books. If you're interested in hear my thoughts on the books with no review, you can check out those videos. If you want to :D. No pressure

Once again my youtube channel is: 

I have also added a youtube subscription box on the sidebar of my blog. 

Hope to see you guys there! 


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